Underage & Binge Drinking

Youth Speakers On Underage Drinking: Expert Solutions For High Schools, Colleges & Universities

Recognizing the Challenge

Underage drinking is a significant concern in many communities. It’s not just about breaking the law; it’s about the real, lasting impacts on young lives. Studies indicate that alcohol is the most commonly used substance among teenagers in the United States. This prevalence leads to a host of challenges, from academic difficulties to increased risk of harmful and illegal behavior. Binge drinking, defined as consuming a large quantity of alcohol in a short period, amplifies these risks. For teenagers, whose brains are still developing, the impact can be particularly severe.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 29% of high school students drank alcohol in the past 30 days, and 14% binge drank. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) highlights that about 4.2 million young people reported engaging in binge drinking at least once in the past month. Research indicates that young individuals who start drinking before age 15 are four times more likely to develop alcohol dependence later in life compared to those who start drinking at or after age 21.

Recognizing the dire need for effective intervention, we understand that addressing underage and binge drinking among teens requires a proactive approach and relevant, dynamic, factual content. Our expert underage and binge drinking prevention speakers for high schools, colleges and organizations are a crucial part of this approach. Our speakers are not just experts in their field; They bring evidence based knowledge, compassion and understanding that connects with teens on a level that is respectful and impactful, paving the way for a generation that is informed, aware, and ready to make positive choices and help their peers do the same. 

Our presentations are designed not just to inform but also to equip teens with the necessary skills and tools to recognize the signs, seek help, and understand the long-term implications of their choices while building a future where every teen feels supported, valued, and equipped to face life alcohol free.

We invite high schools, colleges and community organizations to partner with us. Together, we can confront the rampant alcohol consumption among teens head-on, ensuring a healthier, safer future for the next generation. Join us in our mission to save lives, one speech at a time. Check out our suggested speakers and resources below.

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Our Suggested underage Drinking speakers for schools

Kathi Sullivan

Awareness Speaker

TOPICS: Substance Abuse / Underage/Binge drinking / Addiction / Mental Health /
Self-Help: Anxiety & Depression / Resiliency Self-Esteem / Body image / Leadership

AUDIENCES: Middle School / High School / College / Educators/Administrators / Parents / Corporate / Prevention Stakeholders

Matt Bellace

An insightful, science-based and seriously funny approach to substance abuse prevention and mental health awareness

TOPICS: Self-Help / Anxiety / Depression / Resiliency / Distracted Driving / Impaired Driving / Speed & Reckless Driving 

AUDIENCES: High School / College / Educators / Administrators / Parents / Corporate / Prevention Stakeholders


Youth Empowerment Expert

TOPICS: Distracted Driving / Impaired Driving / Speed & Reckless Driving / Substance Abuse / Underage/Binge Drinking / Mental Health / Self-Help: Anxiety/Depression/Resiliency / Self-Esteem/Body image / Leadership / Healthy Mindset / Healthy Relationships

Middle School / High School / College Educators/Administrators / Parents / Corporate / Prevention Stakeholders

underage & binge drinking Resources

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