Jacy Good & Steve Johnson

TOPICS: Distracted Driving

AUDIENCES: High School / College / Educators / Administrators / Parents / Corporate / Prevention Stakeholders


Distracted Driving Speakers and Advocates

May 18, 2008 was meant to be one of the best days of Jacy Good’s life. Her college graduation day had gone smoothly, but on the way home, Jacy and her parents entered an intersection with a green light while an 18-wheeler did the same in the opposing lane. However, on the intersecting road a young man was so distracted by his mobile phone conversation that he attempted to turn left… directly through his red light. The tractor-trailer swerved to avoid him, hitting Jacy’s car head-on.

Tragically, Jacy’s parents never left the scene. Jacy herself was left on the brink of death. After a miraculous series of events and nearly 9 hours of surgery Jacy was given just a 10% chance of surviving. She spent over 4 months in the hospital, with Steve by her side for 12 hours a day, every day. Though her bones healed, she was left with a permanent brain injury that renders her unable to use her left arm or lower leg.

Jacy was determined to use what happened to her to change minds, behaviors, and laws – and just as soon as she was able she began doing exactly that.

Jacy has been a guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show and of Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon at the United Nations’ ‘call to end the global epidemic of distracted driving’. She was a panelist at Maria Shriver’s 2010 Women’s Conference and was featured as a “Hero Among Us” in People Magazine. She has been profiled in many dozens of newspaper and TV pieces including a January 2015 CNN segment of The Human Factor. An August 2016 AT&T PSA starring Jacy went viral, with over 250 million views across social media.



Hang Up and Drive

In the Hang Up And Drive program, Jacy recounts her tragic story along with her now husband, Steve, who details some of the holes in the story Jacy can’t recall on her own. The program is as informative as their story is shocking, and no audience member leaves without pledging to change their driving habits for good. They’ve been trained by the National Safety Council to deliver their message effectively and to help your school meet its safety goals.

Hang Up And Drive has been experienced by over 800 audiences in 33 states since 2011.

Jacy and Steve are one of the best speakers we bring to speak to our students. They are dynamic, relatable, informative, and share their heartfelt personal story in a way that makes a powerful impact on both the students and faculty.
Michelle Humi
School Psychologist, SAR High School
Mark S. SchwarzAssistant Principal, Masuk High School
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We have been fortunate to have Jacy and Steve address our students for the past five years. Their message is vitally important and very well received by young new drivers. I highly recommend that any school community consider inviting them to share their inspirational story so that the issue of distracted driving is addressed in a thought-provoking and appropriate manner.
Laura NardelliStudent Assistance Counselor, Bergen County Technical High School - Teterboro Campus
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The presentation had an immense impact on not only our students, but also our teachers who were lucky enough to be present. They took such a tragic experience and were able to use that to help to teach, educate and inspire others The message was powerful and inspirational to all of us, and has surely saved the lives of our students by making them more responsible and conscientious drivers.
Judy BaumgardnerPrincipal, Cumberland Valley HS, Mechanicsburg, PA
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Jacy and Steve captured the attention of over 600 students with an important life saving message about distracted driving. We were so impressed we are hoping to make it an annual event for our juniors. Yes, it is that important.
Ashley DavieSenior at Deposit Junior-Senior High School
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You made such an impact on the school as a whole, I personally feel we walked out of the auditorium with a new outlook.
Shelley SchweitzerDirector of Congregational Support, National Federation of Temple Youth (NFTY)
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In nearly 30 years of youth work, I do not recall a time when I was in a room with 700 teenagers who sat so silently, so respectfully, so actively listening to a stranger who stood before them. I know they were paying attention.



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