Impactful, memorable speakers with powerful prevention messages for all

The Drive to Save Lives prevention speakers network is on a mission to put the brakes on the tragic loss of teen lives due to destructive decisions. We tackle the tough stuff and have worldwide expert speakers in a variety of prevention topics.

Driving Change & Saving Lives

We are a network of professional, easy-to-work-with prevention speakers who are DRIVEN to share our life experiences, staggering youth statistics and most importantly- tangible action steps in hopes of saving just one life.

With over 120 combined years of speaking at schools, colleges, community groups and government agencies across 3 continents, we have reached millions of people with our life-changing messages. We’ve received tens of thousands of grateful comments from students and adults alike telling us how their outlook, their behavior and their very lives have been changed.

Choose one of the Drive to Save Lives Speakers, or choose them all. We cover the tough stuff but we don’t preach, we don’t lecture, and we don’t over complicate the life-saving messages. We simply share our genuine, relevant and memorable stories, and offer powerful take-aways your audience will never forget!


Our powerful speakers are armed with real-life experience, unexpected humor and transformative insights that tackle today’s most pressing challenges. From reckless driving to mental health struggles, our speakers don’t just share stories, they offer life-changing takeaways to empower the next generation and communities around the world.

120+ Years of Experience

With more than a combined century of experience, our speakers represent the absolute best in the industry.


Our speakers don’t preach, they empower, with real-life takeaways and unforgettable stories that make a lasting impact.


Whether you’re hosting a school assembly program, parent night or state conference, our speakers will leave your audience inspired and empowered. We’re not just for students — parents, communities, and organizations love us too!


Our speakers aren’t just experts in their fields — they’ve lived the stories they share. Drawing on personal experiences, they connect, resonate and inspire, ensuring every message is both authentic and impactful. 


While our speakers deeply resonate with students, their reach extends far beyond the school environment. Organizations, communities, and corporate audiences alike benefit from their impactful narratives and invaluable insights. Our message isn’t limited to young people; it’s universal.


4H ParentMaricopa County, AZ
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I wanted you to know the tremendous impact you had on my daughter. She was so impressed with what you shared and I am very grateful for your positive influence.
Faith MockRushville Consolidated High School
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I had students come to my classroom to tell me that your talk was the best program that they had ever heard. Your passion and story make you a tremendous influence on young and old alike. You will never be forgotten!
Kayla V.11th Grade Student
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I really thought it was going to be another boring assembly, but she was fun, enthusiastic and it turned out to be probably the BEST assembly we have ever had!
John P.Burlington High School, MA
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The speech was great! Easy to understand, interesting and gave useful advice. The speaker was really good at explaining why its important to make good choices and the consequences of poor decisions.
Muriel TupperPrincipal - John A MacDonald High School
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Cara is a remarkable woman whose charismatic and genuine personality made a major positive impact on our 750 students. She told her audience that if one person got it, she would be satisfied. In my opinion, she reached hundreds! Our school is better because we hosted Cara for a meaningful and memorable assembly. We will be inviting her back again.
Dave ConlonProgram Director · Canadian Student Leadership Association
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There are very few speakers who have the ability to relate to a student audience as Cara does. Cara’s passion and commitment to her message is obvious, and her ability to connect with a student audience is outstanding!
Leanne W.Student
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Your presentation really touched me today. I feel like you saved my life because I have been in cars with friends who speed and I didn’t think anything could happen to me. Now I know I have a choice and a plan to keep myself and friends safe. Please keep doing what you’re doing because you are preventing more tragedies. I can't believe how you could be so brave and powerful in sharing such a sad story of losing your twin sister. Your words honor her memory.
Emily LStudent
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Your approach to your message – that you were not here today to tell us what to do and what not to do, but instead to give us choices and the ability to apply those choices – made a stronger impact on us compared to any other adult that has spoken to us.
ShelleyGuidance Counselor, Creek Valley High School
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I wanted to thank you for the work you do. I love the way you’re sharing your story with so much humor, kindness, and also some good reflection/confrontation. What you said to those kids in 45 minutes was incredible and I hope life saving. Our school is small, but some days I can’t fathom all the heartbreak and difficult things our students are dealing with. Your presentation was a gift!
ShaylaStudent-Cambridge Secondary School
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It is safe to say I have heard my fair share of guest speakers. Having said that, I can honesty say that the Cara delivered the most memorable and powerful message of them all. I really thought it was going to be another boring assembly, but she was fun, enthusiastic and it turned out to be probably the BEST assembly we have ever had!
Mark BeveridgeVice President, Ashdon Farms
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We were overwhelmed by the positive feedback we received about Harriet following our event.
Michelle McGrathExecutive Director, WASC
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One of the best speakers I’ve ever hired at the state and national level.
FedEx Express
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Harriet provided inspirational examples of personal drive and tenacious perseverance.
Barry CooperExecutive Director, JACOA
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We thoroughly enjoyed having Harriet at our conference. She’s compassionate and people are drawn to her.
Emily BoothChandler, Teacher Brandon High School, Brandon, MS
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I’ve seen you present several times. Every time I walk away with a renewed sense of why I do what I do and new tips to help me be a better leader.
Delane LimChief Executive Officer Agape Group Holdings, Singapore
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An inspiring and influential woman of great passion and heart for youth! I am glad she has challenged and touched many lives of today's Asia youth during our international youth summit!
Amber StedtProgram Coordinator Aroostook Teen Leadership Camp
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Harriet Turk has been invited to come speak at our summer camp program for the last 20 years. That alone speaks volumes- We ADORE her! She’s energetic, funny and can really connect with any audience.
Dana GrosPrincipal South Larose Elementary School, Louisiana
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Your students will be validated in the fact that what they dream to be is achievable and that not everyone has to follow what other people dream for them. Harriet is adamant about not letting other people’s opinion of your dreams stand in your way. THIS AIN’T YOUR DREAM!
Jim Wright
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Harriet has been a national leader in the prevention of alcohol-related crashes for young people for decades. When I worked as the Manager of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Driver Licensing/Driver Education Program, NHTSA selected Harriet, as the state youth coordinator in Mississippi, to spend a year with our agency in Washington, DC. She helped develop national-level programs along the lines of what she initiated in her state. Her wide network of contacts and substantial knowledge of the issues was invaluable.
Michelle HumiSchool Psychologist, SAR High School
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Jacy and Steve are one of the best speakers we bring to speak to our students. They are dynamic, relatable, informative, and share their heartfelt personal story in a way that makes a powerful impact on both the students and faculty.
Mark S. SchwarzAssistant Principal, Masuk High School
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We have been fortunate to have Jacy and Steve address our students for the past five years. Their message is vitally important and very well received by young new drivers. I highly recommend that any school community consider inviting them to share their inspirational story so that the issue of distracted driving is addressed in a thought-provoking and appropriate manner.
Laura NardelliStudent Assistance Counselor, Bergen County Technical High School - Teterboro Campus
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The presentation had an immense impact on not only our students, but also our teachers who were lucky enough to be present. They took such a tragic experience and were able to use that to help to teach, educate and inspire others The message was powerful and inspirational to all of us, and has surely saved the lives of our students by making them more responsible and conscientious drivers.
Judy BaumgardnerPrincipal, Cumberland Valley HS, Mechanicsburg, PA
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Jacy and Steve captured the attention of over 600 students with an important life saving message about distracted driving. We were so impressed we are hoping to make it an annual event for our juniors. Yes, it is that important.
Ashley DavieSenior at Deposit Junior-Senior High School
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You made such an impact on the school as a whole, I personally feel we walked out of the auditorium with a new outlook.
Shelley SchweitzerDirector of Congregational Support, National Federation of Temple Youth (NFTY)
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In nearly 30 years of youth work, I do not recall a time when I was in a room with 700 teenagers who sat so silently, so respectfully, so actively listening to a stranger who stood before them. I know they were paying attention.
Dayo BaiyewuHead of the English Dept. - Winston Churchill C.I.
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Jeff has a unique way in relating to young people. He truly sees himself in them. Consequently, this allows him to connect with them. Mr. Martin fosters a belief in them that they are leaders their communities yearn for and need. Subsequently, the students believe his message and blossom. I have seen it work!
12th Grade Student
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My father told me I was nothing and that I would never become anything. I believed it until I heard Mr. Martin speak. I’m going to stop letting people decide my future.
StudentNottawasaga Pines Secondary School
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I just wanted to tell you how thankful to God I am that you said yes to following your calling. You have changed so many lives and the impact you are leaving is like rain drops that are all rippling through the water. You are making an amazing difference.
12th grade StudentOSLC
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Honestly, you were the best speaker out of all the ones I heard at OSLC! My friends and I enjoyed and related to your program the most, and I feel that I have improved how I view myself because of you.
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My son was one of those young men that you INSPIRED today! I can’t say enough about you and how you have changed his world! Thank you for being real with our kids!
Mark JolyPrincipal – Holy Trinity Catholic Secondary School
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I’ve been in education for over 30 years. In this time, I have never seen anyone move the students the way Jeff has. I’ve never seen anyone have this kind of impact with a presentation. Absolutely remarkable.
Jamie PhinneyAssistant Director of Admissions, Phillips Andover Academy
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I was blown away. Matt was phenomenal. The way that the Uppers fed off of his energy was unlike anything that I’ve seen so far. He had such good ideas, and his presentation was so balanced with facts, but also comedy, laughter and meditation. It was really the perfect presentation.
Marianne BautistaStudent, Phillips Andover Academy
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In addition to having a Ph.D., Matt is also a standup comedian. His whole presentation was very funny and interactive, and it appealed to my peers and people my age. He included statistics and personal experiences that really helped us get to know him better, and also knew how to speak using our language and things we understood.
Lily BarberLeadership Student
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He used a lot of funny anecdotes in his speech, which were effective because they were relatable so it got everybody’s attention. They also had a lot of meaning to them. A lot of times in high school people are like ‘let’s just drink anyways’ but I feel like Matt actually did persuade a few people to change their ways.
Pamela E. GellertMunicipal Alliance Coordinator, Cherry Hill Township
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I just wanted to thank you again for some great presentations during Red Ribbon Week. I’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback from teachers, administrators and parents. A parent personally emailed me to say, "It was excellent. Matt is a gifted speaker."
Kathy KetofskyAssociation of Student Assistance Professionals Conference
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As the Keynote presenter for the 34th Annual Association of Student Assistance Professionals Conference, Matt was highly inspirational in motivating attendees to look at how stress plays a role in their lives and of those they are assisting. His use of humor, experiential activities, and recent research kept the audience laughing and engaged. Matt was an outstanding presenter, making an exciting start to our conference!
Lacey LanePresident, Kentucky Speech-Hearing-Language Association
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Matt Bellace’s presentation brought enthusiasm and energy to our convention. He provided such thought-provoking material in a fun way. His keynote had us dancing, laughing, and learning, it was fantastic!
John MirabelloTeacher, Northwest Catholic High School
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From beginning to end, Steve provided life lessons and inspiration. Steve has a gift in the way he speaks to his audience. His story is fascinating, and his message moves his audience through a range of emotions.
Jae MaranoRetired MS & HS School Counselor
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Steve connects with young people on every level. He has a powerful message and my students were spellbound by his story. I highly recommend him as a way to bring young people into the discussion regarding risky behavior and overcoming huge obstacles.
MaryJo Archambault, CTRS, EdDSouthern CT State University
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Steve Emt is an outstanding motivational speaker. As I looked around the auditorium, not one student was on their cell phone and everyone was engaged. This in itself is testimony to his ability to capture his audience! His message was truly inspiring.
Kevin McGinnissAssistant Professor, Southern CT State University
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The crowd was so in tune to Steve’s presentation, the entire time you could hear a pin drop. The overarching theme of the post lecture feedback was ‘inspirational and motivating.’ I would recommend Steve Emt as a motivational and entertaining speaker to audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Steve Emt is an extraordinary individual!
Dr Michael Carr-GreggAdolescent Psychologist
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What Susan McLean doesn’t know about Cybersafety is not worth knowing. She is absolutely brilliant, and her presentations are dynamic and entertaining. She has the unique ability to connect with each audience from young people to adults.
Senior Program OfficerDepartment of Education Victoria
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She has always presented in an engaging and dynamic manner with up to the minute observations and patterns pertaining to cybersafety and young people. I would recommend Susan McLean as she is a passionate and articulate advocate for improving the cybersafety of young people in our schools.
All Saints College
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A very worthwhile investment! The material presented by Susan was realist and user-friendly. She managed to connect with students, staff and parents, presenting age-appropriate material that sent a strong message about the positives and negatives of our cyberworld.
Katherine IanelloTeacher
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Thank you for such an effective presentation. This was the most engaging and straight to the point information I have ever seen for students and I will be making recommendations to past colleagues who now work at other schools.
John DoeGippsland Grammar School
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Susan is an excellent presenter. She is personable and easy to get on with. She is also quick, clever and witty. Her presentations were well received and contained a lot of excellent and current information.
Deputy Head PEGS Essendon Campus
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The PEGS community gained great insight form Mrs McLean’s vibrant and informative sessions. Teacher and students were given invaluable advice on how to safety manage online actives and parents in particular were reminded of the importance of vigilantly monitoring their child’s online behavior.
Greater Toronto Area Contact Centre Association
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Dr. Robyne was a huge hit! Her ability to shape her presentation to fit the audience was amazing and she had people laughing, crying and reflecting on things they are faced with, in their everyday lives. I had feedback that described her presentation as “moving”, “inspirational”, “thought-provoking” and people shared that they felt her ideas were refreshing and gave them something to try immediately.
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I needed to hear that I am doing my best, and there are others at the same spot, dealing with piles of stress, doing their best.
Edmonton Learning Consortium
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Dr. Hanley-Dafoe has an incredible way of connecting to her audience.
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Robyne was by far the best session I have attended in recent years!
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Robyne’s presentation went extremely well. She was fantastic.
Colonial Life
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Robyne was one of the best keynote speakers! I left feeling positive and inspired.



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