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Our Drive to Save Lives Speakers are making headlines in the media and sharing their knowledge in articles and videos. Click on the posts below to read media coverage of our events, newsletters & articles written by our amazing network or watch video clips of your favorite speakers in action. For media inquiries please click here to contact us.


Safety advocate tells students about drive to avoid ‘risks’

Founder of the Drive to Save Lives Tour tells Dubuque Hempstead students about the horror of watching her twin sister die in a car crash. ...
Cyber and Digital Wellness

Unraveling the Real Reasons Behind Teen Bullying & How Our Prevention Youth Speakers Can Help

Bullying among teenagers is a complex issue that extends beyond mere aggressive behavior. It’s a growing problem with roots that are deeply embedded in the ...

‘Hold social media platforms to account’: X accused of failing to police online hate

Australia’s eSafety Commissioner has taken aim at X – formerly known as Twitter – saying Australians are at a higher risk of online hate since ...

Sunrise host Monique Wright outraged over new online scam targeting teen boys: ‘It’s worrying’

A cyber-safety expert has explained a new sextortion scam targeting teenage males. Sunrise host Monique Wright was outraged to learn of a new sextortion scam ...


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