TOPICS:  Speed & Reckless Driving / Distracted Driving / Impaired Driving /  Positive Choices / Mental Health / Self-Help / Anxiety & Depression/ Resiliency /  Leadership / Healthy Mindset / 

AUDIENCES: High School / College / Educators / Administrators / Parents / Corporate / Prevention Stakeholders


Our Founder, Positive Decision Making Speaker and Traffic Safety Specialist.

Cara is a compelling author, entrepreneur and North America’s leading youth motivational speaker on peer pressure, risk taking and traffic safety. With more than 2500 assemblies delivered, Cara has inspired 2 million young lives around the world. Drawing from an immense personal tragedy in her own life, the loss of her identical twin sister the day after their 18th birthday in a motor vehicle collision, Cara’s life changing presentations focuses on dealing with peer pressure, avoiding negative risks such as alcohol and reckless driving and being “You-nique.”

Cara’s heartwarming and often hilarious style has won over the hearts of students on 3 continents, and she has received tens of thousands of emails and messages from students who now understand the impact of their choices, and will never be the same after hearing her story. The lessons Cara brings to each enthusiastic presentation are guaranteed to last long after she leaves your school or organization. But most of all, you will remember her for a little dance that just might save your life!

Cara, our founder, created the Drive to Save Lives Tour, North America’s #1 Resource for Prevention Speakers, with the mission of helping other prevention speakers spread their life-saving messages.


Driven: Rules of the Road to Success

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Cara is quite possibly the most engaging and captivating presenter I have ever heard. Her message of empowerment struck close to home with our Greek Students when a fellow classmate recently passed in a traumatic event. Cara filled the room with compassion, humor, and love. Her story is true and vulnerable, something that is so important for college students to hear. She knows how to personally connect with every person in the audience, no matter how big or small. The students at our university are begging for Cara to return. She is a light in this world that shines brighter than anyone I have ever met.
Nolan Breigel
Interfraternity Council Vice-President of Education Programming Southeast Missouri State University
Muriel TupperPrincipal - John A MacDonald High School
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Cara is a remarkable woman whose charismatic and genuine personality made a major positive impact on our 750 students. She told her audience that if one person got it, she would be satisfied. In my opinion, she reached hundreds! Our school is better because we hosted Cara for a meaningful and memorable assembly. We will be inviting her back again.
Dave ConlonProgram Director · Canadian Student Leadership Association
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There are very few speakers who have the ability to relate to a student audience as Cara does. Cara’s passion and commitment to her message is obvious, and her ability to connect with a student audience is outstanding!
Leanne W.Student
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Your presentation really touched me today. I feel like you saved my life because I have been in cars with friends who speed and I didn’t think anything could happen to me. Now I know I have a choice and a plan to keep myself and friends safe. Please keep doing what you’re doing because you are preventing more tragedies. I can't believe how you could be so brave and powerful in sharing such a sad story of losing your twin sister. Your words honor her memory.
Emily LStudent
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Your approach to your message – that you were not here today to tell us what to do and what not to do, but instead to give us choices and the ability to apply those choices – made a stronger impact on us compared to any other adult that has spoken to us.
ShelleyGuidance Counselor, Creek Valley High School
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I wanted to thank you for the work you do. I love the way you’re sharing your story with so much humor, kindness, and also some good reflection/confrontation. What you said to those kids in 45 minutes was incredible and I hope life saving. Our school is small, but some days I can’t fathom all the heartbreak and difficult things our students are dealing with. Your presentation was a gift!
ShaylaStudent-Cambridge Secondary School
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It is safe to say I have heard my fair share of guest speakers. Having said that, I can honesty say that the Cara delivered the most memorable and powerful message of them all. I really thought it was going to be another boring assembly, but she was fun, enthusiastic and it turned out to be probably the BEST assembly we have ever had!
Faith MockHealth Department Chair, SADD Sponsor, Rushville Consolidated High School
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I had students come to my classroom to tell me that your talk was the best program that they had ever heard. … Your passion and your story make you a tremendous influence on young and old alike. Don’t give up the fight...You will never be forgotten. Health Department Chair, SADD Sponsor, Rushville Consolidated High School



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