Harriet Turk

TOPICS: Self-Esteem & Body image / Leadership / Healthy Mindset / Healthy Relationships / Safe Driving / Mental Health / Resiliency

AUDIENCES: Middle School / High School / College Educators/Administrators / Parents / Corporate / Prevention Stakeholders

Youth Empowerment Expert

My focus has always been on helping my audience discover their full potential. Over the past 28 years, I have spoken to thousands of people to help them uncover their potential, live authentically, and make a positive difference. I give real world solutions that have lasting impact.

With nearly three decades of experience, Harriet brings authenticity, expertise, and straightforward guidance to every program. In a world peppered with indifference, complacency, and difficult decisions, she offers her unique and fresh perspective regarding leadership, loyalty, and life.

Powerful, engaging and insightful, Harriet pulls no punches and connects with her audiences when she “tells it like it is.” Participants leave her programs with a clear, practical, healthy lifestyle message: believe in you, and believe in the value of life!

However, Harriet doesn’t give participants unrealistic hope. Just because, “We dream it,” does NOT automatically mean, “We achieve it!” By reinforcing the concept that we all possess personal power, participants learn that they are in charge of their choices, but they don’t always get to choose the consequences. Learning how to cope with failure, and trying again are integral components of this program. Using her degrees in Criminal Justice, her background in probation and youth leadership, and her experiences as a professional speaker, Harriet will give you tools and time tested strategies to create an incredible revolution in your life and in your community!



This presentation helps young women recognize their self-esteem and true beauty, delving beyond physical appearance to uncover their self-worth, value and strengths.

So you have a dream—now what? Dreaming alone doesn’t transform these aspirations into reality. In “Just Deal With It,” Harriet leads participants on a take charge, get real and go for it journey. Belief, character development, balanced living, and resilience are key aspects of success. This dynamic leadership program combines humor with a thought-provoking message to inspire and energize participants toward these goals.

Junior Achievement has benefitted hugely from securing Harriet Turk to be the Keynote Speaker at our Young Women’s Futures Symposiums for 10th and 11th grade high school girls for the past 10 years. Her positive message to the girls about their value, abilities and self-worth is priceless. Each girl leaves the Symposium feeling that they can have the future they dream of. Harriet is engaging, approachable and extremely professional.
Betsi Zikmund
Director of Special Projects, Junior Achievement of South Central PA
Mark BeveridgeVice President, Ashdon Farms
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We were overwhelmed by the positive feedback we received about Harriet following our event.
Michelle McGrathExecutive Director, WASC
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One of the best speakers I’ve ever hired at the state and national level.
FedEx Express
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Harriet provided inspirational examples of personal drive and tenacious perseverance.
Jessica HotardCMP CMM, Young Presidents Organization
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Harriet was easy to work with and helped make our event fun!
Barry CooperExecutive Director, JACOA
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We thoroughly enjoyed having Harriet at our conference. She’s compassionate and people are drawn to her.
Emily BoothChandler, Teacher Brandon High School, Brandon, MS
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I’ve seen you present several times. Every time I walk away with a renewed sense of why I do what I do and new tips to help me be a better leader.
Delane LimChief Executive Officer Agape Group Holdings, Singapore
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An inspiring and influential woman of great passion and heart for youth! I am glad she has challenged and touched many lives of today's Asia youth during our international youth summit!
Amber StedtProgram Coordinator Aroostook Teen Leadership Camp
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Harriet Turk has been invited to come speak at our summer camp program for the last 20 years. That alone speaks volumes- We ADORE her! She’s energetic, funny and can really connect with any audience.
Dana GrosPrincipal South Larose Elementary School, Louisiana
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Your students will be validated in the fact that what they dream to be is achievable and that not everyone has to follow what other people dream for them. Harriet is adamant about not letting other people’s opinion of your dreams stand in your way. THIS AIN’T YOUR DREAM!
Jim Wright
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Harriet has been a national leader in the prevention of alcohol-related crashes for young people for decades. When I worked as the Manager of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Driver Licensing/Driver Education Program, NHTSA selected Harriet, as the state youth coordinator in Mississippi, to spend a year with our agency in Washington, DC. She helped develop national-level programs along the lines of what she initiated in her state. Her wide network of contacts and substantial knowledge of the issues was invaluable.


After the Speech: When Teens Get Real

After the Speech, When Teens Get Real is an entertaining and poignant collection of true stories from young people who have reached out to Harriet Turk after her speaking engagements at school assemblies, youth conferences, or weekend leadership retreats. A few of them she met only through a note that was pressed in her hand while she was talking with someone else. Others contacted her through a personal call, email, Facebook message, or letter. And some of them were those tentative students who were waiting in the wings, longing to share their stories with someone who has been there – and needing to believe in the promise of a better future. It’s not just about dreams; it’s about life. Inspiring stories from transparent hearts.



Helping People Become Unstoppable

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Get inspiration from one special individual who’s making a difference.

Advise: When did you know you wanted to become a motivational speaker for the secondary student audience? Turk: It was when I hired speakers when ...
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