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The Top Five Reasons to Book One of Our High School Prevention Speakers

The Drive to Save Lives speakers are on a mission to prevent the loss of young lives due to destructive decisions. By sharing our own life experiences, we aim to help young people make better, more positive choices that will change their own lives. That value is priceless, but we know that many schools and organizations are facing small budgets and scheduling challenges. If you are on the fence about hosting one of our speakers, consider these five reasons why the Drive to Save Lives Tour is worth it:

We Tackle Tough Topics

We aren’t afraid to tackle the tough stuff here at the Drive to Save Lives Tour. We are passionate about preventing impaired and reckless driving, underage drinking, sexual assault and dating violence, self esteem and body image issues, cyber crimes, distracted driving, depression and teen suicide and substance abuse. Our high school prevention speakers approach these topics with honesty and share their personal experiences to spark conversations that last beyond the presentation.

Positive Prevention

Our speakers aren’t out to scare your students straight. Instead, we take an honest, positive approach that simply includes our own life experiences and what we learned from them.

Real-Life Strategies

Every Drive to Save Lives presentation includes real-life strategies for making better, healthier choices. This is what changes lives and saves lives, and these applicable lessons are the core of our messages.

No Preaching

Our motivational speakers for high school students don’t preach, and they don’t lecture. They just share their genuine, relevant and memorable stories with honesty, humor and humbleness. In our experience, that’s the best way to reach young people, and our speakers connect amazingly well with them because of this approach.

Engaging and Honest High School Prevention Speakers

Our speakers remember what it was like to be a high school student facing tough choices on a daily basis. They speak from the heart, and they never claim to be perfect or to have all the answers. What they do know is that their life experiences can help change the lives of others, and they love nothing more than sharing those messages. Their engagement with your students often won’t end with the presentation – our speakers are known for sticking around afterwards to hang with students, learn more about their lives and connect in a way that is real and meaningful.

Ready to take a proactive stance on the issues that affect your young people? Contact us today to learn more about the Drive to Save Lives Tour and start the booking process!