Natalie Ehmka

Safe Dating, Healthy Relationships,
Sexual Assault Prevention 

BioAn award-winning speaker for more than 10 years, Natalie has taken the stage at hundreds of schools, events and conferences nationwide, and has engaged tens of thousands of people with her story of strength.

Natalie’s passion stems from her personal experience with drug
and alcohol-related sexual assault; an incident that happened
during her college years. She now works to educate on safe dating,
healthy relationships, and making positive choices when it comes
to parties, alcohol, peer pressure and friendships. Her life-saving
message has inspired students in over 250 schools across the

Passionate about preventing sexual assault and date-rape, Natalie offers powerful take-aways when it comes to safe dating, healthy relationships, peer pressure and friendship. After hearing her, your students will feel empowered and aware of where they go, what they do, and who they trust. This is one presentation every high school and college student must hear before they attend their next party.

Natalie travels from Phoenix, Arizona.

“Listening to Natalie, and being part of her audience is something that you don’t forget.
Natalie’s story is one that grips you from the beginning and you hold on through her entire presentation.”

-Debbie Eubanks, Deer Valley Unified School District

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“Don’t be afraid to stand up for what is right, stand up for yourself, and be feisty for your friends. Listen to your instinct… it’s there for a reason.”

Natalie Ehmka