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Ideas for Rocking Red Ribbon Week

It’s no secret that Red Ribbon Week is our favorite time of the year here at the Drive to Save Lives Tour, and we are excited to help schools across the country celebrate the drug-free message and to talk to students about making better, healthier choices.

Here are a few of our favorite ideas for celebrating Red Ribbon Week at your school:

1. Enter the Red Ribbon Photo Contest — you could win $1,000 for your school and an iPad!

2. Plan a Red Ribbon Rally at your school (we know some great speakers for the event!)

3. Post your reasons for celebrating Red Ribbon Week on your Facebook page.

4. Tweet out the link to the Red Ribbon Week pledge (and don’t forget to take it yourself!).

5. Tie red ribbons around the trees in your community to spread awareness for the week outside your school.

6. Write an essay for your school or local newspaper on the importance of Red Ribbon Week.

7. Talk to your mayor or City Council about making Red Ribbon Week an official event in your community.

8. Plan special themes for each day of the week, like Wear Red Day, Shade Out Drugs Day (wear sunglasses!) or Put a Cap On Drugs Day (Hat Day!).

9. Join your school’s SADD Chapter. If you don’t have one yet, start one!!

10. Make a huge banner with the Red Ribbon Week Pledge and have everyone in your school sign it.

11. Pair older students with younger ones as Red Ribbon Mentors for the week.

12. Have students write letters to themselves about making good choices and saying “no” to drugs and alcohol. Collect the letters, then return them during prom and graduation season.

13. Host a parents forum or community night to get everyone in your area on board with the Red Ribbon Week message.

14. Hand out small red ribbons in your school. Each day, students who wear the ribbons can earn an entry into a drawing for a small prize.

15. Create posters that convey an anti-drug message in art class.

16. Organize fun evening and weekend activities with your friends to remember that drugs aren’t necessary for having a good time. Go to the movies, have a dance party, cook dinner together or go for a hike!

17. Use the morning announcements to ask a trivia question related to Red Ribbon Week. Students can write the answers down on small pieces of paper and submit them to be entered in a drawing for a small prize at the end of each day.

18. Have a content to see which homeroom makes the best Red Ribbon Week-themed door or bulletin board decorations.

19. For one day, encourage students to dress up like what they want to be when they grow up, then discuss how staying drug-free will help them reach their goals.

20. Make a plan to continue to celebrate Red Ribbon Week throughout the year.

What cool events and activities are taking place at your school this Red Ribbon Week? Let us know in the comments below!!