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De’Marco Fomby

For the past seven years, De’Marco Fomby has been working with non-profit organizations like the YMCA and DREAM Inc. of Jackson Mississippi, coordinating state-wide highway safety youth programs and conferences, and serving as a junior consultant with his father, Marc Fomby, who is a nationally renowned keynote speaker and workshop presenter. Since the age of 16, De’Marco has been traveling with his father, which has allowed him to hone his skills as a presenter and allowed him to create his own presentations to address issues prevalent with youth today such as leadership, music and its impact on youth, youth traffic safety and more.

De’Marco has spoken to over 200 high schools and student organizations. He has a deep passion and drive to inspire and motivate young people to become the absolute best they can be, and has a knack for providing parents, caretakers, and other adults involved with youth with critical insight into the psyche of their teenagers. With his background in music, sports, and mentoring, he pushes teenagers to think for themselves and make choices based on what benefits them in the future rather than the here and now. He wants teens to embrace the philosophy of P.L.A.Y. (Positive Leadership Among Youth). By inspiring youth to be the example and applying positive peer pressure to their friends and family, they can begin to change the atmosphere around them. De’Marco is a young man devoted to changing lives and inspiring today’s youth.


  • Leadership
  • Traffic safety
  • Healthy choices
  • Understanding teens


  • Keynotes
  • Student presentations
  • Parent presentations
  • Workshops