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The Top Five Reasons to Book One of Our High School Prevention Speakers

The Drive to Save Lives speakers are on a mission to prevent the loss of young lives due to destructive decisions. By sharing our own life experiences, we aim to help young people make better, more positive choices that will change their own lives. That value is priceless, but we know that many schools and organizations are facing small budgets and scheduling challenges. If you are on the fence about hosting one of our speakers, consider these five reasons why the Drive to Save Lives Tour is worth it: We Tackle Tough Topics We aren’t afraid to tackle the tough stuff here at the Drive to Save Lives Tour. We are passionate about preventing impaired and reckless driving, underage drinking, sexual assault and dating violence, self esteem and body image issues, cyber crimes, distracted driving, depression and teen suicide and substance abuse. Our high school prevention speakers approach these topics with honesty and share their personal experiences to...
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The 5 Real Reasons Teens Bully

Anyone who has ever experienced bullying knows how devastating it can be. It’s hurtful by definition, and bullying can make you feel afraid, depressed, angry, undermined and lots of other negative emotions. Bullying takes many forms, including relational, verbal or physical, but the results are the same: your made to feel helpless, ashamed, and that the bullying is somehow your own fault. Bullying is never, ever, the fault of the victim. Bullies may target your social standing or your physical appearance, but that’s not what it is actually about. Bullies do what they do for deeper reasons – reasons that reflect who they are as a person, not who you are. Here are five of the real reasons people bully others: 1. They are jealous of others 2. They want to feel popular 3. They want to look or feel powerful or tough 4. They want to escape their own problems and issues 5. They are being bullied...
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Being Your Best Self Online

The Internet feels like a private place, but it’s actually the most public expression of who we are. Everything you post can potentially be broadcast to millions, and what you post online doesn’t always stay there. The way you portray yourself on social media can have long-lasting real-life consequences, so follow this tips to show off your best self. Clean Up Your Photos You may think you look cool dancing with that beer can in your hand, but to a college admissions board, you just look like a lush and a liability. We all know what’s in those red plastic cups, and that picture of you playing beer pong last Friday can come back to haunt you. Keep Your Clothes On That’s just good life advice in general, but it is especially poignant when it comes to social media and texting. Posting nude shots of yourself isn’t sexy, and it can get you into big legal trouble. Once...
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Thinking About Drinking? Think Again!

When young people talk about drinking, they tend to glamorize alcohol, and many teens don’t think there is anything wrong with it. That’s a huge myth: The truth is that if you are underage, there is plenty wrong with it. Drinking can be extremely dangerous, and if you are thinking about doing it, it is important to understand the difference between myths and reality. “Alcohol isn’t as bad as real drugs.” Alcohol is a drug, and using it has the same consequences as other drugs: it increases your risk for many serious diseases, like cancer, it’s addictive, and drinking too much can lead to an overdose, called alcohol poisoning, which can kill you. “I’ll just drink wine and beer – it’s safer than liquor.” Alcohol is alcohol, and no matter how you drink it, it can cause problems. A glass of wine or a bottle of beer has the same amount of alcohol as a shot of liquor,...
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Ideas for Rocking Red Ribbon Week

It’s no secret that Red Ribbon Week is our favorite time of the year here at the Drive to Save Lives Tour, and we are excited to help schools across the country celebrate the drug-free message and to talk to students about making better, healthier choices. Here are a few of our favorite ideas for celebrating Red Ribbon Week at your school: 1. Enter the Red Ribbon Photo Contest — you could win $1,000 for your school and an iPad! 2. Plan a Red Ribbon Rally at your school (we know some great speakers for the event!) 3. Post your reasons for celebrating Red Ribbon Week on your Facebook page. 4. Tweet out the link to the Red Ribbon Week pledge (and don’t forget to take it yourself!). 5. Tie red ribbons around the trees in your community to spread awareness for the week outside your school. 6. Write an essay for your school or local newspaper on...
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Back to School Lessons

Heading back to school after summer feels exciting and confusing and scary and fun all at the same time. The new school year brings new opportunities and challenges, and its a great time to hit the “reset” button and get a fresh start. As you prepare for your next year of school, keep these things in mind. You are Not Always Going to Be Cool Achieving coolness is probably near the top of your list of the most important things in life right now, but no one is cool all the time. Everyone has face-palm moments, everyone gets a breakout, and no one knows the right thing to say all the time. You’ll save a lot of time, energy and worry when you realize that and make peace with it. You will do and say ridiculous things that make you turn red and want to hide in the bathroom during lunch, but I promise that you won’t die...
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Back to School Promises

For students, the end of summer often causes grumblings about heading back to school, eyes rolling at the thought of homework and sad sighs over the early morning alarms that soon will blare. But we have to confess… here at the Drive to Save Lives Tour, the end of summer is met with much excitement, and the back-to-school season is our favorite of the year! It’s not that we don’t enjoy the long, sunny days of summer, it’s just that we can’t wait to get back into the schools to talk to – and listen to- our favorite people: you! There is nothing we love more than visiting a school for the first (or fifth!) time, sharing our stories with young people and talking to them about making better, healthier choices in life. Our promise to you this school year is to keep delivering honest, relevant and inspiring stories that just might change your life. That’s our promise...
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Life-Saving Summer Driving Tips for Teens

The period of time between Memorial Day and Labor Day is often the most fun season of the year. School is out, the sun is shining, and summer adventures on underway. It’s an exciting time, but summer is also the most dangerous time of year for teen drivers. The roads are crowded with new drivers, vacationers and college students who have come home for the season, and the result is the highest percentage of automobile collisions for the whole year. If you are hitting the roads this summer, follow these tips to stay safe: Watch Your Speed Most crashes are caused by aggressive driver behavior and speed. Take it slow and be aware of oncoming cars and children playing. Lower speeds aren’t just safer — they also equal better gas mileage! Take Your Time If you are meeting up with friends or heading to work, give yourself more time than you think you need to get there. Speeding...
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