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Back to School Promises

For students, the end of summer often causes grumblings about heading back to school, eyes rolling at the thought of homework and sad sighs over the early morning alarms that soon will blare. But we have to confess… here at the Drive to Save Lives Tour, the end of summer is met with much excitement, and the back-to-school season is our favorite of the year!

It’s not that we don’t enjoy the long, sunny days of summer, it’s just that we can’t wait to get back into the schools to talk to – and listen to- our favorite people: you! There is nothing we love more than visiting a school for the first (or fifth!) time, sharing our stories with young people and talking to them about making better, healthier choices in life. Our promise to you this school year is to keep delivering honest, relevant and inspiring stories that just might change your life.

That’s our promise to you, and now we want to know what promises you’ll be making for yourself this school year.

Will you set a goal to make a new friend? Rekindle an old friendship? Be a better friend/student/team mate/leader? Maybe your goal is to work harder in math, or earn a better seat in the orchestra, or make the varsity basketball team. Maybe it’s to volunteer more of your time, try a new activity or start a club?

Whatever it is, share it with us in the comments below, and we hope to see you soon this school year!