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Adam Brooks

Adam holds Masters Degrees in both Special Education and Leadership Development and has served as the Director of Special Education for a high school in Phoenix, Arizona. Adam has trained faculty and staff on bullying, leadership, conflict, and body image, and for the past 8 years, he has spoken to patients at Remuda Ranch, a nationally recognized Eating Disorder/Anxiety Health Clinic.

Adam attributes a lot of his national speaking success to his extensive theatre background. Having performed in an award-winning play off-Broadway in New York, Adam found himself using onstage characters as a mask for his depression and low self esteem. His journey to self-love and acceptance not only inspires those who hear it, but also brings clarity and a voice to those who may not have the words to say how they feel.

From bullying to body image, Adam connects with students on the issues they battle every day by perfectly illustrating the inner pain so many students feel, yet so few know how to describe. He will take your students on a journey, and they will begin to see their realities for what they are. He provides real-life strategies for healthy communication, both with others and with yourself, and shows how the simple act of communicating can prevent dozens of destructive decisions.

Adam’s charismatic and entertaining style, coupled with his gift for helping teens realize their full potential, will have audiences laughing and learning, and most of all, remembering that they’re not alone.

In 2016, Adam’s mini-book, Understanding Millennials: A guide to working with today’s generation became an Amazon best-seller, and he started an educational consulting firm, Youth Awareness and Safety. Adam travels from Phoenix, Arizona.


  • Healthy body image
  • Self esteem
  • Eating disorders
  • Bullying
  • Healthy relationships
  • Depression and teen suicide


  • Keynotes
  • Student presentations
  • Parent presentations
  • Workshops